Restore civilization!

Begining of the Associates Posse
General Lee Stoned awoke in a cryogenic tube alone in a bunker set aside for a platoon of Operation Damocles soldiers he was supposed to lead to restore civilization. Recovering his personal equipment the General set out from the bunker set in the Sierra Mountains. The General encountered a deformed and bent mutant named Clem who befriended him and the pair traveled to Sacramento known as the town too lame to bomb. The two repelled a horde of walking dead and met their newest companion Librarian Shamus MacDonald. Shamus is a stranded member of the British SAS group and has become in touch with his alternate persona Sherlock Holmes granted from his Librarian rewards.

Posse takes out Apocalypse Now!

The Associates found the survivor community of Culp Creek in Oregon state. The former members of Blackwatch hit it off with the old soldiers choosing to participate in the Highland games going on at the time. The town expressed concern for people disappearing, the Associates agree to help. The Associates set out the Eugene Deadland in a modified jeep complete with ring mounted remote controlled M2HB on the roof, M60 mounted on the passenger dash, armor window panels & wheel covers, river snorkel and dual gas tanks. Hector’s family is slain, the Associates manage to kill one assasin armed with a punch dagger. Hector swears revenge and takes off to the Eugene deadland. The Associates met a pair of scavengers at the Eugene campus. Destroy Doombringer and twenty trogs with help of Lector in area. Rend’s arms blown off by blast that also wrecked jeep. Meet “crazy dancing guy” and give him a bicycle and direct him to town. Culp Creek’s doctor installs cybernetic replacement arms. Scavenge books from university basement storage. Meet Krieger in university hospital, joins Associates. Establish library branch in Culp Creek, add generators from university hospital to Culp Creek.

Assigned by Grand Library to horde weapons to arm new librarians. Encounter Earthers, agree not to use spook juice.

Destroys Portland Deadland. Kills Daimyo and Ronin, surviving peasants flee.

Posse kills Hell Riders.

Destroy killer tomatoes attacking Platina, kill Prowling Tigers and Shan Lin after they notice Portland Daimyo’s sword worn by Krieger. Assigned by Grand Library to wipe out Doomsailers in Shan Fan. Capture sailboat for Grand Library. Kill shraks and croakers.

Assigned to search research vessel the Argos, find evidence of shrak creation and hybrid program and HAARP installation in Alaska the croakers want to use to melt the icecaps therefore flooding the Earth. Krieger creates genetically tailored virus for croakers and weaponize the strain into hand grenades. Deploy grenades into croaker city and Shamus demoed the underwater entrance. Fix the Argos vessel and rename it the Rivet. Sail north along the coast toward AK. Trade with crew of a steamboat on the Columbia River, repell Earthers who attacked steamboat crew. Continue northward to Aberdeen WA, trade with townies for diesel. Stop in Seward AK and are harassed by drunk inhabitants and leave. Travel to the HAARP array a hundred miles inland in the Skysweep and civilian VTOL. Short lived battle with croaker hybrids leaves the installation secured. Librarian Shamus tries to stop the rest of the posse use the HAARP array against Seward AK but the Doctor out hacks him and uses the array. Posse demos the HAARP installation. Sewards’ inhabitants are dead, the posse loots three 155mm howitzers and ammo from the town along with random trade goods. One hundred shraks attack and is obliterated by a 100lb bomb dropped from the civilian VTOL. A gun emplacement and newly built fortifications with the standard of the Anti Templars flying above are spotted atop cliffs. Trading with the Anti Templar band the Associates acquire two more howitzers and twenty slaves to man the Rivet. Shamus trains a man with sailing experience as the pilot of the large vessel. Stopping back in Aberdeen the posse realize it is now uninhabited and scrounge the town of random stuff. Associates drop anchor at the town of Astoria OR. The mayor asks for help to find most of the adults in the community have been killed or abducted by faminites. The Associates attempt to have a woman from the Rivets’ crew to watch over the childeren but is shot dead when trying to molest by one of the kids with the Mayor’s gun. The Mayor constantly loses his pistol and rushes back to the general store he maintains to find it. The Rivets’ crew acquires hundreds of metal and plastic barrels for use on the vessel. Krieger builds a still aboard the Rivet. The posse find the wreckage of the steamboat they had traded with earlier and scrounge ten pounds of ghost rock from the furnace. The Associates are shouted at by Earthers on the south bank demanding they turn over the ghost rock of suffer the same fate as the steamboats’ crew. Associates demand a trade of people to serve aboard the Rivet and the Earthers comply, sending a raft with thirty captives aboard. The Earthers demand for the ghost rock is refused and the leader tells the posse they have had mines placed limpet mines on the Rivet below the water line. Shamus once again utilizes his power armors’ underwater capability and disarmed and removed the limpet mines. Krieger uses the anti personal laser and turns three riders and their horses to ash, the Earthers retreat and are tracked by the Associates. Sneaking into the Earther camp the posse watches as the leader of the tribe kills an elder objecting to mobilizing the whole tribe to war against the Associates. Shamus decapitates the leader of the Earthers and informs the tribe they are not at war as long as they surrender their fire arms and half their horses and cattle leaving them with a civilian base radio. The Associates meet with the leaders of nearby Corvalis OR and give them the horses from the Earthers and talk to the junior librarian who established a branch in town. The Associates move the Rivet to the Longview WA deadland and drop anchor in the port. The posse clear the deadland of three Lurkers in the port, a Discord Bug in a art gallery, a creepy abomination resembling a little girl known as Carrie at the county hospital, a Bloodwave on the way to the second hospital, a Combine Infiltrator Hound near the county museum and a Creepin’ Gulch that took over the whole county airfield. The posse uses the Skysweep to travel up the Columbia River, leaving the crew to clean and restore the Rivet further. The posse is assigned to reach the Blackleaf Correctional facility in northwestern Montana. Making excellent time the posse stops in the shanty town outside of Armanas’ gates. Meeting up with their friends Clem and Wildturkey from the Convoy they are informed Wildturkey has a new semi truck and trailer. Reaching the perimiter of the Blackleaf Correctional Facility, Krieger performs the emergency boost and cleared the ten foot wall. Now within the walls, Krieger uses his power ram attached to his Salamander battlesuit to create a point of entry. Shamus hacks the AI known as the Warden and now is acting warden himself. The Associates contact the Great Library and are instructed to interrogate the ten thousand incarcerated harrowed in order to find new recruits before evil locates Blackleaf. Shamus MacDonald surmises four thousand are likely candidates. General Lee Stoned finds and removes C20 from three unexploded city buster bombs. A day following contacting the Grand Library one hundred and fifty vehicles comprising the entire Convoy rolls up with junior librarians as back up. Situated in sandbag fighting positions atop the semi trailers containing the harrowed librarian recruits the posse recognize most of the weapons carried were the ones turned over to the Grand Library by the Associates recently. The Convoy is attacked by three Combine jet fighters and destroy one sky pirate helo. One jet is rocketed by the two helos and the other two are downed by the laser turrets of Blackleaf commanded by Shamus. The Convoy continues south around two deadlands in Idaho, eliminated a horde of walking dead numbering in thousands and reached Junkyard to refuel and rest for a day. The posse completes Urban Renewal, gaining their citizenship and a building they barter for the creation and installation of a ghost rock reactor aboard the Rivet. The Associates General Lee Stoned and Krieger kill a Mojave Rattler and King Mojave Rattler that ambushed the Convoy on the Salt Flats. Approching the Elko deadland on I-80 the Convoys’ lead vehicle hits a landmine and is attacked by hundreds of Frogger mutants who shoot out fifty semi radiators. On the west side of the maelstrom General repairs thirteen radiators with structual components. Doctor Krieger and General Lee Stoned set out in the Skysweep into the Elko deadland. The two find a oil lamp on the bank of a slimy green lake that consists of old downtown Elko. Four Desert Gators attack and are skinned. Locating the lair of an Urban Worm the duo slay the abomination with shots from the LAPAT into it’s gaping maw! Acquiring the relic Hazmat suit General Lee Stoned dons the protective gear. Associates discover the Explodijin in the oil lamp and tell it to lay low for now. The two find Frogtown with the inhabitants cooking their fallen in a stew pot. General throws down four grenades and kills a quarter of the population. Krieger overawes the Froggers and they bow in worship to the duo. Asking if they will protect them from the humans that attacked them the other day the Froggers tell of the Elko mutant group on the east side of town may also have been shot/at. Set to task scrounging radiator for the Convoy semi trucks, Croaker of the Froggers inform the Associates of “the Frog Priestess” who killed their previous leader and established herself as ruler, fled to the Frog Mountain and point towards Ruby Mountain. The two Associates use the Skysweep to travel up the Humboldt River to Secret Pass where they discover and remove barrels leaking the frog puss virus into the river. Hearing mad cackling, the two eliminate the ten grundies and twenty trogs armed with great axes and the Doombringer leading them with a rocket launcher. Returning to Frogtown Doctor Krieger tells the Froggers they will no longer have to worry about the false Frog Priestess, she is dead. General Lee Stoned arms the froggers with lead and black powder for one thousand shots for their hunting muskets and collects the radiators the Froggers managed to gather. Shortly thereafter the duo meet with the Elko mutants and find out they were not shot at lately but three years ago they were in a shootout at the gates of Leedsville when they were refused trade and became irate. Elko mutant leaders wish to broker peace with Frogtown and Leadsville. The Associates meet with General Leeds of Leedsville and General Lee Stoned repairs the town generator with a bit of tinkerin’ and mechanical components he had. General Leeds awards the two Associates with five hundred caps apiece and the radiators they need for the Convoy. The Associates help arrange trade between the Elko mutant collective and Leedsville. The two Associates turn in a bounty for a head they recovered from the Salem Apartment Towers. Returning to the mutant tribes and the convoy the Associates head west again on I-80. After passing Battlemountain Nevada six cars attack the Skysweep. Krieger and General Lee Stoned defeat the six cars, blowing up their gas tanks with the LAPAT. Visiting Carson city and then finishing the trek to Sacramento and the Grand Library the Associates are thanked for their completion of their objective. Visiting Trinity Springs, the Associates are asked by Colonel Greene if they would clear out the remnants of Wormlings at Polson Airfield. The posse kill thirteen Wormlings and General Lee Stoned disarms the city buster bomb and keeps it. Repairing the military helo and jet fighter, the Associates sell it to the Sky Pirates they met on their last mission for a cool two hundred and sixty thousand caps.

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